The group of companies was created to provide goods and services of the high quality to the population and partners.


Farovon’s group of companies is one of the most leading holdings during 15 years and its activity spreads over the republic of Tajikistan. Every day Farovon reliably implements work of an extremely complex and vital chain. Currently, we are one of the fastest growing companies in Tajikistan. The group of companies includes 3 flour mills, an animal feed factory, a poultry farm and a number of different enterprises of metal construction, sandwich panels, burnt bricks, concrete, gravel and crushed stone manufacturing. Also, the company has its own elevator complex for storage and distribution of the grain with a total volume of 50,000 tons.

The company has begun producing high-quality bottled vegetable oil.


The group of companies was created to provide goods and services of the high quality to the population and partners.


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  • Customer focus
  • Business reputation


Goods quality control goes through several stages: from in-production laboratories till external quality control processes. Elevator unit, having its own laboratory, analyzes incoming wheat. Only high-quality wheat is selected and supplied to manufacturing, where each carried out stage of manufacturing is constantly analyzed 24 hours a day. The quality control service checks each batch of goods, checking the qualitative and quantitative indicators. All stages of the manufacturing process, additionally undergoing an independent analysis in the Central Laboratory of the company, equipped with the most advanced equipment, which has no analogues in Tajikistan. All manufactured goods comply with GOST standards. In order to ensure continuous production processes, the company has implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with the international standard ISO-9001: 2015. The first priority for production, established by the management of Farovon’s Group of Companies, is the highest level of quality of products.

There are 3 plants maintained with a modern high-performance equipment, total capacity of which makes 620 tons per day.

In Farovon’s group of companies, the flour takes up a special position: Thanks to the flour manufacturing the history of the enterprise has begun. Over the years the enterprise has achieved significant success in the segment. Now, there shown several items: wholesale wheat flour of the first, second and highest grades. All products are packed in packages of various formats - from 1 kg to 50 kg.

Manufacturers of bakery, confectionery and pasta carefully choose the flour for their work. We have been collaborating with many such companies for a long time and invite new partners to permanent cooperation who need stable, high-quality flour.

Over the 15-year history, Farovon’s company has sturdily recommended itself as a manufacturer of the high-quality flour. Today Farovon company manufactures and sells the flour under the well-known brands: Golden Field, Flour Khujand, Dastarkhan and the others. The main activity of the company is the sale of flour in wholesale and retail. Our products pass the necessary control and meet all quality standards. The company has the most modernly equipped laboratory in the Republic of Tajikistan. Thanks to that, you get a safe flour of a consistent quality.

The products of Farovon’s company are well known to consumers and trade organizations. A wide range of the high-quality products is supplied to all regions of Tajikistan and abroad. This is the only one company in Tajikistan which has permission to export flour.




Duston eggs have an exceptional high quality. This level of quality is ensured by a complete balanced feeding ration, clean equipment and a special condition and microclimate of poultry houses. To ensure freshness, produced eggs immediately go to the sorting shop on automated lines.

Balanced feeding with the use of the vitamin complex allows poultry to produce eggs with a strong shell, a high content of vitamins, bright yolk and excellent taste.

Particular attention is paid to the excellent health of poultry itself, which is achieved by means of modern equipment and highly skilled specialists who have practical experience and trainings in foreign companies.


The modern poultry farm of our group of companies makes of c1, c2, c0, sv eggs using modern technologies and imported equipment, using an international experience on conducting business. Eggs are sold under the Duston brand name.

The company is the largest egg  in Tajikistan. This is a vertically integrated business covering the entire manufacturing cycle starting from manufacturing the animal feed, a factory for raising young chickens, full-cycle poultry complexes for laying hens, to warehouses for long-term storage of products.



Animal feed is a complex homogeneous mixture of feed components (grain, meal, feed raw materials of animal origin, mineral supplements, vitamins, etc.), with balanced ratios according to scientifically based recipes; It is used to feed certain types of farm animals and birds.

Farovon manufactures both full-compound feeds and feed concentrates (which are used as an addition to other feeds), and feed mixtures. The composition of the feed includes: the grain part, mineral supplements, the protein component and the corresponding premix.

All feeds are manufactured in a agranular form, using matrices of different sizes and in a loose form. The manufacturing process undergoes a gentle heat treatment.

We manufacture feeds for birds, cattle, small cattle, rabbits, fish, etc.





The direction of manufacturing of building materials is one of the fastest growing one. This direction includes manufacturing of metal constructions, sandwich panels, baked bricks, gravel, gravel and high-quality concrete grout on modern production lines. One of the priority divisions of the construction industry is metal construction for quickly constructed buildings and structures, as well as sandwich panels for these buildings. This manufacturing is young in this field in the Republic of Tajikistan and it has been operating since 2012.


The company is a leader on the quality of manufactured metal structures. One of the new types of construction was building bridges with a carrying capacity over 100 tons. The company's products are in demand over Tajikistan. The company has ability to supply and build quickly constructed buildings up to the Pamirs.



The manufacture area of the metal workshops is 5200 square meters, in which modern equipment for technological operations is compactly installed. All work is performed on specialized machines. Cutting of steel sheets is carried out on a CNC gas cutting machine. This equipment allows to cut steel sheets according to configuration. The numerical control of the machine makes it possible to quickly change-over the materials being processed, to maximize the efficiency of the use of materials and has the minimum permissible error during operation. On this equipment, steel cutting can be performed both with a mixture of oxygen and propane, and by means of high-temperature plasma. All elements of metal structures have an I-section, which is more effective from the point of view of the reliability of structures and the manufacturability of production  than other types of steel structures that are now being manufactured. The LMH 4000 hardware complex for welding working under a special flux allows automated control of process. The high quality of made designs is ensured by high quality materials obtained from the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation.


A sandwich panel is a building material that has a three-layer structure consisting of two sheets of rigid material (fiberboard, metal, PVC, magnesite plate) and a layer of insulation between them. All these parts of the sandwich panels are glued together using hot or cold pressing. We manufacture: wall sandwich panels roofing sandwich panels C profiles Advantages: High heat-insulating qualities (low thermal conductivity), Environmentally friendly material, Good sound-proofing qualities, fire resistance, Economic benefits, long service life, speed ​​and seasonality of construction, easy installation and dismantling of the building, biologically resistant to weathering, light weight of panels, rich color choice of material.


A manufacturing complex of the baked brick allows year-round manufacturing goods of the high quality that comply with GOST. Unlike many other bricks on the market, the company's goods correspond to generally accepted sizes. A thorough check of all the raw materials used in the brick manufacturing allows achieving the appropriate quality. The company annually modernizes the technology and equipment of the complex, and therefore, is constantly ready for new challenges of the market. A feature of the company is to conduct business with the impeccable fulfillment of its obligations and goals.


Our own pit, high-performance industrial complex for manufacturing gravel, crushed stone and concrete mixes of M50-M400 grades allows to satisfy the needs of any client beginning from private house-building to providing entire residential complexes. The concrete manufactured undergoes a strict quality control in its own laboratory. Unlike other companies, concrete is manufactured taking into account possible interruptions during construction process, which allows to build concrete products and structures without reducing the required quality. The company has its own concrete mixer truck fleet for concrete mixture delivery.








We are an ambitious team who’s ready to grow and nurture young professionals who’re ready for growth. We strive to balance work, training and development. We strive to create conditions for the full realization of the potential of our employees and encourage their career growth based on continuous development and training. We are ready to give employees more freedom to improve their work, take more responsibility and authority, become better professionals and leaders.

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